Freegal: Music to residents' ears

Image of customer using Freegal

New site provides access to millions of tracks

Hume Libraries members can now get free music. To use Freegal, all they need is a library membership number and an internet connection.

With Freegal, users can access approximately seven million songs to download on to their own device. Hume Libraries members get three tracks a week to keep and enjoy. However, it’s not just the entertainment value residents can reap from Freegal. Music has other, perhaps not as obvious benefits.

Listeners can learn new words, grammar and phrases, as well as about instruments, artists, cultures, music production, songwriting and creativity.

“There’s a huge link between music and literacy and music and health. So, it’s more than just about recreation,” said Tania Barry, Hume Libraries Technology, Resources and Special Projects Coordinator, who is leading the Freegal implementation. In addition to music, music videos and music streaming are available through Freegal.





Posted on 3:00 PM, 1 December 2014

Updated : 3:37 PM, 23 February 2016