Hume Libraries has a range of eMagazines that can be downloaded free to your own mobile device, tablet or computer. 


RBDigital App Logo  

  Getting Started:              

  1. Download and launch the RBDigital App
  2. New to RBdigital? Tap on Register now
  3. Choose Australia from the scroll menu
  4. Select your library name, click on Create Account
  5. Enter your library membership number
  6. Create a username (we suggest your email address) and a password                   
  7. Fill in Personal Information, accept the Terms of Service and tap on Register
  8.  Browse and borrow! RBdigital has simultaneous loans, so you’ll always find a title you like!

You can download the free rbDigital app on the following platforms:

For help using the new RBDigital app, please visit the RBDigital Help page, or check out our rbDigital how to video.



Getting Started:

  1. Download the Flipster App                    
  2. Tap Get Started                    
  3. Tap Allow to enable the app to use your location
  4. Select Hume Libraries
  5. Tap the Log In button                    
  6. Enter your library membership number               
  7. Tap Login                    
  8. Browse, borrow and start reading!

You can download the free Flipster app on the following platforms:

For help using the new Flipster app, please visit the Flipster Help Page, or check out our Flipster how to video.



Getting Started:

  1. Download the PressReader App
  2. Press on Account
  3. Press on Add Account
  4. Press on the Library Card icon
  5. Search and select Hume Libraries from the drop down list
  6. Enter library membership number and PIN
  7. Press on the Sign In button
  8. Browse, select and read publications.

Library members can use PressReader for a period of 30 days. To gain a further 30 days, members will need to reauthenticate.

You can download the free PressReader app on the following platforms:

Check out our PressReader how to video.

Updated : 12:16 PM, 8 April 2020