Hume Library members now have access to digital copies of today’s newspapers from around the world through our Press Reader subscriptions.


PressReader provides instant access to over 6,000 publications from over 100 countries in 60+ languages. As a Hume Libraries member, you will have access to  explore titles such as the National Post, The Guardian, Washington Post, Vogue, Forbes, and much more from all over the world.


Getting Started:

  1. Download the PressReader App
  2. Press on Account
  3. Press on Add Account
  4. Press on the Library Card icon
  5. Search and select Hume Libraries from the drop down list
  6. Enter library membership number and PIN
  7. Press on the Sign In button
  8. Browse, select and read publications.

Library members can use PressReader for a period of 30 days. To gain a further 30 days, members will need to reauthenticate.

You can download the free PressReader app on the following platforms:

Check out our PressReader how to video.


Updated : 12:17 PM, 8 April 2020