Welcome to the our website! The site is optimised for home use and graphics have been kept to a minimum to aid speed.

Accessibility Features

The website has been specifically designed to ensure that it is compliant with worldwide standards for disability access. The site is W3C Level A compliant, with additional features from Level AA. A Larger Text version is available by clicking the "Larger Text" option located under the search box at the top right of each page.

PDF Downloads

We have attempted to keep PDF downloads to a minimum, however there are certain instances where PDF's are necessary. We have used Adobe Acrobat Version 7 for our PDF's and you can download Adobe Reader

Font Size

Different browsers undertake magnification in different processes, you can increase or decrease the font-size by using your preferred browser's in-built functionality. Details on how to increase the font size for Internet Explorer and Firefox are below.

Font Size - Internet Explorer (IE 7 and above)

To increase the font size in Internet Explorer (IE 7 and above)
1. Click on 'page' on the top right hand corner of your browser window.
2. Select 'text size'
3. Select your preferred size (largest, larger, medium, small, smallest)
4. The new font size will be applied to the Hume City Council site.

Font Size - Firefox

To increase the font size in Firefox
1. Select 'Tools' from the menu bar
2. Click on 'Options'
3. Click on the 'Content' tab
4. Change the font to your preferred size and click 'OK'


Link to the Sitemap.

Accessible Menu

The footer at the bottom of this page can be used as an accessible menu. If you are experiencing any difficulties with the website please contact us on 9356 6900.

Site Navigation

The design of the site is simple and easy to move around in. Our major services have been placed on the homepage so that you can easily access the information that you require using the large menu drop downs.

Site index A-Z and search have also been included for those people who like to navigate a website in this way. The search facility allows for a simple search of all web pages and documents within the site. Or you can visit our Minutes and Agendas documents library, Building and Planning documents library or search all Council documents. The site index A-Z has every page listed for users who might like to use this method of navigation.

Printer Friendly

A printer friendly button is available on the top right of each page of the website. Use this when you need to print a page.

Updated : 5:11 PM, 29 July 2011