Learning and Community Facilities

A Partnership Approach to Learning

Hume City Council’s vision for Hume is that of a learning community; a city of lifelong learners who are active and empowered participants in community life, education and employment.

To help achieve this vision, Council supports the Hume Global Learning Village (HGLV) which brings together people and organisations across Hume that have an interest or role in learning.

This innovative partnership promotes learning and links Hume City Council together with the key learning providers from across Hume including:

  • Hume Libraries
  • neighbourhood houses and learning centres
  • education institutions
  • employment agencies
  • local businesses

We are committed to enhancing life experiences, employment opportunities and contributions to the community by inspiring and facilitating the participation in lifelong learning to reduce disadvantage and improve quality of life in our community. Visit www.hume.vic.gov.au for more information about the Hume Global Learning Village.

Learning Together Strategies

The work of the HGLV network is guided by the Learning Together strategies which have been developed by Council and the HGLV in partnership with our community.

The Learning Together 2030 outlines and defines the three long term goals to be achieved by Council working together with the HGLV and the wider Hume community by 2030. These goals are:

  1. To embed a culture of learning within the Hume community.
  2. To strengthen pathways to learning, employment and shared prosperity for the Hume community.
  3. To strengthen the Hume Global Learning Village by expanding and consolidating the commitment of its partners through collaborative planning, community engagement and advocacy for learning.

The Learning Together 2030 strategy's associated Learning Together 4 Action Plan 2014-2017 contains the shorter term key projects designed to achieve these goals.

This strategy outlines the 24 key projects to be undertaken by Council and HGLV to ensure all community members have access, and are supported, to participate in a diverse range of learning opportunities that meet a broad range of learning needs and aspirations.

Updated : 3:56 PM, 20 August 2018