Indigenous History of Hume

The original inhabitants of Hume were the Wurundjeri or Woiworung. The lands which attracted European settlers were often those that provided shelter, food and areas for ceremony for the Aboriginal people. The Sunbury region particularly was a rich resource for the Wurundjeri.

Sunbury presented an area wealthy with streams, timber, possums, kangaroos, emus and other natural resources. Jacksons Creek and the hills to the west provided a variety of fish, freshwater mussels and materials for implements.

Near Mount Holden five earth rings thought to be associated with male initiation ceremonies have been identified. Only three others have been identified in the rest of Victoria; suggesting Sunbury was a significant ceremonial venue.

At an axe trading centre at Mt William near Lancefield, there was a quarry of diorite stone, prized for making razor sharp stone axe heads. The indigenous people travelled significant distances to obtain these items for tool making.

The land of the Wurundjeri extended from Cranbourne to Mount Macedon. Whilst there are efforts to uncover and interpret more about the original Aboriginal lifestyle, there is little physical evidence remaining.

Today there remain echoes of the Aboriginal people in some names given to areas of Hume including Bulla Bulla and Tullamarine.

The Weeroona Aboriginal Cemetery, located in the Woodlands Park, Greenvale (Melway 178 F11), is of strong significance to the local Koori community, being both an active burial site and spiritual place. It contains approximately 57 graves, marked and unmarked, and was restored by the Kangan TAFE Koori Programs Unit.

Named after the traditional landowners of the area, the Gunung-Willam-Balluk Learning Centre at Kangan Batman TAFE is recognised as a leading provider of vocational education and training to Indigenous students throughout Melbourne. It aims to empower students by merging the cultural heritage and values of the traditional landowners, with contemporary Aboriginal culture and cutting-edge learning technology.



Updated : 10:20 AM, 24 May 2013