Timeline since 1824

December 1824 Explorers Hume and Hovell traversed the region
1835 John Batman ventured to Sheoak Hill and surveyed the area known today as Sunbury
September 2 1835 Most of the area was taken from the indigenous inhabitants and first settlers, to come under formal government control
1836 George Evans took up the land in the Sunbury district named Emu Bottom 
1842 Scots Church was completed at Campbellfield, on the newly surveyed route of  Sydney Road which ran through Broadmeadows
1843 Woodlands Homestead was erected by Capt. William Greene
1846 The first schoolhouse of the Broadmeadows district was built near the Scots Church at Campbellfield
1847 The village of Bulla Bulla was surveyed
1848 The land for what was later to become Roxburgh Park Homestead was purchased from the crown for £1 per acre
December 1850 St Paul's Church of England was completed in Broadmeadows
1851 The future site of the village of Sunbury was surveyed
1852 Cobb and Co.'s six horse coaches began the run between Melbourne and the various goldfields via such staging posts at Bulla Bulla and at The Gap near Sunbury
January 1 1854 The name of the village of Bulla Bulla was shortened to Bulla
March 15 1857 The inaugural meeting was held of the Broadmeadows Road District Board, with the district having a population of barely 2,000 people
January 13 1859 The railway to Sunbury was officially opened
April 28 1862 The Broadmeadows Road district was extended to include parts of areas now known as Pascoe Vale, Strathmore, Gladstone Park and Tullamarine
September 1 1862 The Bulla Road District was proclaimed
March 9 1866 The Bulla Road District was proclaimed a shire
March 21 1866 The first meeting of the Shire of Bulla council was held at Inverness Hotel at Oaklands Junction
1867 Bluestone Shire Offices were built in Bulla to a tender of £595/17/6
January 27 1871 The Braodmeadows Road District became the Shire of Broadmeadows
April 18 1872 The railway line between Essendon and Seymour was opened, although at first only stopped at Broadmeadows or Craigieburn on request. The new line resulted in a new route for Sydney Road through Campbellfield
August 29 1874 The foundation stone was laid for 'Rupertswood' Mansion by Mrs W.J. Clarke
1881 The census population of the Shire of Broadmeadows was 1,751
May 10 1905 Greenvale Sanatorium was established
October 1 1915 The Shire of Merriang (to the north) was merged into the Shire of Broadmeadows
1921 The Broadmeadows railway line became electrified
August 11 1921 Essendon Airport was proclaimed with the purchase of 36.8 hectares (later added to).
March 29 1928 The new municipal offices for the Shire of Broadmeadows were officially opened
February 15 1923 Bulla Council meetings were held alternately at Bulla Shire Offices and the Memorial Hall in Sunbury
May 25 1955 Some areas, inlcuding Craigieburn, Greenvale, Mickleham and Yuroke, were changed from the Shire of Broadmeadows to Shire of Bulla. Other parts of the Shire of Broadmeadows were annexed to the Shires of Kilmore and Whittlesea
July 1955 The Shire offices at Broadmeadows were extended
March 13 1956 The Shire of Bulla relocated its offices and all council meetings from Bulla to Sunbury
June 13 1956 The Governor of Victoria delcared Broadmeadows a City, with a municipal population of approx. 30,000
August 1959 Ford opened its works at Campbellfield
October 6 1963 New Shire of Bulla offices were opened in Sunbury (which were later extended)
November 1964 The Broadmeadows Town Hall (and extensions to the municipal offices) was opened
July 1 1970 Melbourne Airport was opened
January 1972 The first Sunbury Pop Festival was held in Bulla
August 1979 The suburb of Strathmore was annexed to the City of Essendon
December 15 1994 Most of the City of Broadmeadows was amalagamated with most of the Shire of Bulla and parts of Keilor and Whittlesea Cities, to form Hume City

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