Join The Library

Libraries staff member signs up a new Library member

Library Membership is free and available to anyone who lives in Victoria. We offer three membership types: Full Membership, Digital Membership and Organisational Membership.

You can sign up for a Full Membership or an Organisational Membership in person at any Hume Libraries branch. You will need identification with your current address.

You can register for a Digital Membership online for instant free access to our digital collections.

Join Online

Full Members will be given a library card and enjoy a variety of benefits including free borrowing from our physical and digital collections, free computer access across all library sites, free membership to our book groups and priority booking for selected programs and events.

Organisational Members such as schools, kindergartens and nursing homes can borrow in bulk with longer loan periods available.

Digital Members are entitled to borrow from our entire digital collection but will need to upgrade to a Full Membership to use branch services.

For more information view our Membership Terms and Conditions. Joining the library is free, and we no longer have late fines but there are charges for some services.