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Power-Mate device

Energy conscious library customers can now borrow a Power-Mate, an energy-measuring device. The Power-Mate plugs into the home appliances power source. It tells the owner how much electricity the appliance consumes, the running costs and the amount of greenhouse gases it produces. These can be measure when an appliance is plugged in, on standby and when in operation.

You can borrow a Power-Mate by using your membership at any Hume Libraries branch or make a reservation online from the library catalogue.

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Interlibrary loans

If an item you require is not in our collection, we are able to borrow this item for you from another library service using LibraryLink Victoria.

Purchase recommendations

If there are any items you think should be added to our collection complete a purchase recommendation form.

Whenever possible, we will try to get the item that you are after added to our collection.

There are some cases where we may not be able to get the requested item, this could be because the item is not available commercially, exceeds budget limitations, not appropriate or is of a highly specialised nature.



Updated : 2:42 PM, 1 October 2019