Book Groups

Haven't picked up a book in a while, or you just can't put them down?

Book groups are a great way to meet others and talk books.

You may want to join an existing book group, or gather a group of friends, family or colleagues to form your own group.

We offer a wide variety of books to stimulate the mind, including international prize winners, biographies, novels and non-fiction.

Meetings can be as casual or as formal as you like - you can meet with your group in the library or your local cafe.

Join our Book Groups

For an annual fee of $55 ($40 concession) per person you will receive:

  • a new book to read and enjoy each month for 10 months of the year
  • accompanying notes including author biographies, reviews, discussion questions and further reading
  • the chance to share your reviews with others
  • invitations to events at Hume Libraries, such as author talks and book launches

For more information, contact us 9356 6900.


Updated : 4:43 PM, 12 September 2016