Youth Photography Competition 2018 Winners


The results are in for the Youth Photography Competition 2018! 


The Awards Celebration for the Youth Photography Competition 2018 was held last night at the Hume Global Learning Centre - Craigieburn.  Well done to everyone who submitted images and congratulations to the winners and the runners up!

You can check out all the finalists on the Hume Libraries and Learning Facebook page, or view the display at the following Hume Libraries' branches:

Due to Sunbury Library's temporary location, unfortunately we don't have space to put up the display in Sunbury this year. 

Congratulations to all the winners, runners up and finalists:

Category 1


Winner: Nethra Dona - Melbourne City Skyline 
Runner-up: Joy Wong - Four corners
Other finalists included: Alannah Malcolm - Malaysian Sunrise, Amavi Wanigarathna - The two lorikeets, Anastasia Alberto - Flight, Caden Smit - Nice to METRO, Hadia Ramzan - Hinaa time, Hannah Owens - Snow,Husain Ali Radi - Shadow of a creature, Keira Chatman - Out of the darkness, Mack Borchert-Krohn - Black berry, Valentina Nguyen - Ever simple mode of transport 

Category 2

Winner: Montana Rodriguez - Old jail at Port Arthur 
Runner-up: Lucy Dillon - Autumn flame 
Other finalists included: Ajaz Hussein - Silent world, Alexis Lovell - Shot tower, Eda Sahim - Identitie, Emily Jones - Childhood is fleeting, Katelyn Sertori - Inside looking out, Liam Henderson - Soulless, Romaan Waseem - Singularity, Sabrina Nicholls - Catching breakfast, Sabrina Nicholls - Soaking his feet, Sarah Earl - Smoak screen

Posted on 1:00 PM, 31 October 2018

Updated : 1:29 PM, 31 October 2018