Mickleham North Community Centre Library Kiosk


Our library kiosks provide a quick and convenient on-demand service, so you don’t always need to visit a library to borrow a book. The latest and most popular top reads can now be accessed from across three locations in Hume, Greenvale West Community Centre, Kalkallo Community Centre and Mickleham North Community Centre – and it’s all free with your library membership.

The library kiosks will also function as a location to pick up your reservations, just select the location you want your reservation sent to when placing a hold via our catalogue or library app.


Mickleham North Community Centre Library Kiosk

The Mickleham North Community Centre library kiosk is located in the community café area.


How to use library kiosks

Using the library kiosk couldn't be easier – check out our easy-to-follow instructions.

It's completely self-service and easy to use, designed for book lovers who want a more convenient way to borrow, yet still enjoy the experience of holding a real book in your hands!


About our library kiosks

Our kiosk collection is handpicked by our library team to anticipate the preferences of our local library members, offering you a range of fiction and non-fiction titles to choose from. Kiosk content will be regularly updated, keeping your selection fresh and exciting.


How to use library kiosks

Borrowing books has never been easier! Follow these easy steps:

  1. Scan your library card to start.
  2. The door will open for you.
  3. Browse and select your items.
  4. Push the green button to close the door.
  5. Items selected will be checked out to your account.
  6. When finished with your books, return to your most convenient kiosk or library location.

The range will be regularly refreshed, so you'll always have a great selection of new and popular books to choose from.

See our helpful FAQs for further advice.


Library kiosks – FAQs

How do I use a library kiosk?

Please see instructions on our library kiosk location pages.

How do I know whether my book has been issued?

Your item is automatically scanned onto your library card when you take the book out of the kiosk.

Where can I return my items?

All items can be returned at any Hume Library or kiosk. Items returned at a kiosk will be removed from your account as soon as the door closes.

The kiosk machine isn’t working.

Please contact a staff member as soon as possible at Hume Libraries on 9356 6900.


82-90 St Georges Road, Mickleham 3064  View Map

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