1000 Books Before School

1000 Books Before School, a program which encourages parents and carers to read 1000 books with their children before they begin school, is now open for registration.

Reading to preschool-aged children has been shown to develop early literacy by building vocabulary and language skills essential for learning to read.

Given that the average picture book takes just five minutes to read, spend just 15 minutes reading three books with your child each day and you will read 1000 books in a year. Even if you only have five minutes a day, you can reach that milestone in three years.

Visit your local library and register to join the program at any Hume Libraries branch, where you will receive your first reading record for your child. You will also go in the draw to win picture books to use along the way.

Throughout your journey, your child will receive special stickers after every 100 books read, plus a reward at 100, 250, 500, 750 and 1000 books.

Participating families will also be invited to special storytime and milestone events to celebrate the adventure.

For more information on the benefits of reading to your child from a young age, as well as other parenting information, visit the recommended sites below:

Raising Children Network

Let’s Read


Download your reading records here:

1000 Books Before School Reading Record 1 - 200

1000 Books Before School Reading Record 201 - 400

1000 Books Before School Reading Record 401 - 600

1000 Books Before School Reading Record 601 - 800

1000 Books Before School Reading Record 801 - 1000

Check out our FAQs and guidelines for more information.

Updated : 5:46 PM, 16 December 2016