Library of Things



The Library of Things is a collection of useful, interesting and fun objects including gadgets, tools, kits, electronics, and more — all available to check out for free with a library card*. 

Tools to measure how energy efficient your home is; to enhance your productivity; to digitise your old films, slides, and negatives. Fun games to take home and play with your kids. And a karaoke machine!

All these and much more, are available to borrow now, or will be available in the months ahead. Browse through our current full Library of Things collection.

*Available for adult customers who have completed and signed the loan agreement following a briefing from a library staff member. Customers are unable to borrow or place a request on these items until they have completed the form.




Thermal Imaging Camera

Vevor JD-109 thermal camera


Our thermal imaging camera is ideal for home inspection to look for areas of heat loss (or in summer, heat gain), such as gaps in insulation. It can help in identifying areas to focus on fixing, to produce a more comfortable and efficient home.

These cameras also have application in engine maintenance, assisting in identifying issues under the bonnet.

Available to reserve.


Air Quality Detector

Air quality detector BC125


This multifunction air quality monitor cares for your health and can be widely used in home, office, etc. Carbon Dioxide Tester: Adopts semiconductor sensor, air convection detection, quickly and accurately detects CO2 concentration in the living environment. The LCD colour screen displays CO2, CO2 index, HCHO (formaldehyde), TVOC (volatile organic compounds), temperature, humidity and battery level.

Available to reserve.


Film Scanner

DIGITNOW! film scanner


Have any old films or slides? All you need to convert your images is included in the box - advanced technology leave no need for a computer connection to operate this scanner. It scans and converts images on its own, making it a very portable, accessible solution. It also includes speed-load adapters that make scanning easy and straightforward. Simply push them into the device, and you can feed in slides or negatives one after the after without needing to remove and reload the adapters. Press the 'scan' button when ready. Snap the image digitizer scans and convert your old memories into sharp, vibrant digital images in jpeg format. Images are saved to the internal memory or an optional sd card. These can then be viewed on your computer or other device, or printed out as regular photos.

Available to reserve.


3 Way Soil Meter


Discover the 3-in-1 Soil Meter, crafted for efficient and straightforward evaluation of your soil's condition by offering a Hydrometer (moisture detection), a Photometer (light measurement), and a pH Meter (pH balance examination). Our user-friendly device is your secret to cultivating the perfect environment for thriving plants. Designed for indoor and outdoor use, simply insert the probe and read the results - no batteries or supplementary equipment required.

Available to reserve.


Power Meter

Reduction Revolution plug-in power meter


The Reduction Revolution Power Meter measures the energy consumption and running cost of any standard plug-in appliance. It measures: Watts - Instantaneous power usage. kWh - Total power usage over time (what you are billed for). Cost - Based on your electricity tariff(s). & More - Volts, Amps, Frequency, Power Factor, & KgCO2. The Power Meter will help you uncover your energy-hungry appliances. Then you can get started on reducing your power bills!

Available to reserve.


DVD Writer

LG ultra slim portable DVD writer


With this external DVD drive, you can enjoy films on your computer, record your favourite songs, back up your photos and more – virtually anywhere.

Available to reserve.