Coming Soon!

We’ve listened to your feedback and are expanding our library services into your community with lots of exciting initiatives!

New library programs and innovative borrowing solutions will be coming to you over the coming months, and from 2024 we'll be launching two new library vehicles to deliver even more services.

From early 2023, we are increasing the delivery of library programs and installing library kiosks at:

Our new library kiosks will give you the option to browse, collect and return library materials from a location closer to home.

Library programs at these locations include early literacy programs in English and community languages, school holiday activities and technology classes. Have an idea for what you'd like to see? Let us know!

A woman holding her baby at the library.  

In the meantime, we’ll be working on getting our new library vehicles to you, with a planned launch in 2024. These smaller vehicles will provide greater access to library services by visiting schools, community centres and other locations the old truck couldn't reach. 

concept image of library van

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These new projects will make accessing your library simple, easy and fun! 


Why are you retiring the old mobile library?

The Hume Mobile Library was taken into service in 1999. The truck and trailer have a range of issues that are unsuitable for a contemporary library service. In addition to outdated designs and capabilities, the semi-trailer required 3-phase power installed at each site and for staff to hold a Heavy Combination Vehicle Licence. To help us provide the best possible library experience moving forward, we are replacing the large truck and trailer with a range of modern services to provide better access for our community.

Why have you chosen those specific locations for the kiosks?

The research work that was undertaken as part of the Libraries and Learning Service Plan 2021-2026 indicated that there is unmet growing demand in those locations. These are locations that currently do not have any library buildings or services in the area.

Can I sign up for a membership at the Community Centres or the vans?

Yes, you will be able to sign up for a library membership at the Community Centres, the vans, in any library within the Hume municipality or on the Hume Libraries website.

Why is there such a delay in getting the new vans?

Due to the global shortage of vehicles, and the need to customise the interiors to be suitable as library vehicles, there’s an unavoidable delay – but we promise we’re working to get the vans on the road as quickly as possible!

Will the vans have Wi-Fi?

Yes, both vans will supply public Wi-Fi.


If you wish to ask a question or provide your feedback, please get in touch.