Mobile Checkout



We are delighted to announce that RFID self-checkout is now available through the Hume Libraries app. This feature allows library members to borrow items directly from their mobile devices!


How does it work? 

The app uses the Near-field Communication (NFC) chip in an Android device or iPhone to communicate directly with the RFID tag. Using this technology, the item is checked out and the security on the tag is deactivated with no additional hardware required. This means that members can borrow items and walk straight out without alarming our security gates.


Some important things to note:

  • The module is only available to use at Broadmeadows, Craigieburn and Sunbury Libraries
  • Must have either an iPhone 7 or above running at least iOS 13 or an Android device running version 5 or above with an NFC reader
  • Borrowing is an item at a time


For more information on how to use the self-checkout feature, view step-by-step instructions and download the Hume Libraries app today on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

Updated : 7:08 PM, 8 March 2021